The long awaited Lightwave tutorial is now on line for Crowds using HD Instance

Here you can find some free images of stones for your download.

Muscle Bone LScript for Lightwave
This is a plug-in to help create bone muscles. This version will work with IK chains.
For more detailed information go to:

Sample scene for cloud fly through for Lightwave
The above zip file contains a scene to shows how you can use baked HV's to help speed up cloud renders.
Included in the zip file are two scenes & objects, one scene before baking & one after, also included is the movie file required to render the baked HV & a sample rendered in the DIVX format.


The Nemesis Demo Reel (20megs. AVI DivX 5)
This demo reel is now over a year old but it will give you a good idea what can be done.
I've also included some more bits for viewing below:

A character test using motion capture data (3 megs, MPEG)
The animation is a character break dancing, it was really produced to test rescaling & editing of real motion capture data from with in Lightwave using the MotionMixer & new import filters.

Early test renders of a dragon for an interactive DVD game (2 megs, MPEG)

Tracking a real camera movement into Lightwave using MatchMover:

Shot on a really bad VHS video camera, but tracked very well with MM 
Also shot on the same camera
Footage taken from Aura2 disk and track with morphs.



To view any DivX animations please go to: